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Since we established the business in December 2005 we have always insisted that Service comes first. We have built this business on Service and it is the essential part of what we do. Garden machinery requires maintenance to work at it’s best and because the machines need to work when the weather is right or you have the free time then they need not to breakdown. Our Service schedules are very detailed and thorough and aimed at reducing any breakdowns between services to a minimum. We replace and repair the wearing parts but if they are expensive or borderline we contact you first. We are honest and straight forward so we make you aware when you can expect trouble from an older machine or if we think you are expecting to much of your mower. Repairs are required and usually in the middle of the season when everyone else wants our attention. We work hard at making sure every machine is up and running again as soon as we can possibily make it happen. We have a well equipped workshop with experienced factory trained staff and will do our best to explain your service or repair.

Aspen petrol

We are passionate about getting our repairs right. We have a worshop policy where we insist on using Aspen alkylate petrol for all repairs and servicing in 2 stroke machines and pedestrian lawn mowers,generators, tillers, water pumps etc.  We have found conventional pump petrol too unstable to be relied apon for effective operation.

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